A list of demands?

I can’t sleep. I want to believe that it’s real. 1500 cities. 80 countries. Four continents. And who knows how many two people protests in small city centers that went unnoticed and unreported. I still can’t sleep…

And I don’t want to.

It’s a decentralized movement that people are trying to centralize. The big players are coming in to try to contain it. Are they of the 99%? Some of them are. Most of them aren’t. They dream about the one percent at night if they aren’t there already. They want a government that spreads it out a little more evenly. A little.

The list of demands should never be made. No demands need to be made. Making a demand to those in power continues to endow them with power. The change is happening without their concessions. The change is happening through the swell of energy that is spreading among the 99%…

We are the 99%.

Which is why we must wait. For months, for years, for as long as it takes until the 99% are all present. Until your parents, your children, the police officers, the military, and the supposed supporters from government leave their positions behind and join us. When the 99% are all joined together, no demands will need to be made.

But watch out for those one percenters. They are going to make appearances. They are going to make speeches. They are going to talk about a government that represents the 99%. But actions speak louder than words. I hate to state that cliche, but it holds true every time. We have heard their stories. We have heard their lies. We have seen what they have done.

No, when the 99% gets together, there will be no need for the one percenters. Their masks will crumble quickly off. When the 99% comes together, we will not need their permission to do anything. We will create clean structures with clean hands instead of demanding that dirty hands wash dirty structures. When the 99% comes together we will spread the wealth evenly among ourselves instead of begging the one percenters to give us our little slice. Mmm. The pie’s so good!…

When the grandmas and grandpas and sisters and brothers and cousins and aunts and uncles and friends and coworkers all realize that we are on the same side, their power will be instantly gone and Wall Street will be instantly crushed.

And that’s how you can tell the one percenters from the 99%. It’s the vision of Wall Street. The one percenters don’t want that baby to end. And it doesn’t have to. It will be irrelevant.

We can do this without them. We are the 99%.

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  1. RealityGeorgeismyHusband

     /  October 18, 2011

    So true. Once those who are the ‘minority’ join together they become the ‘majority.’ There is an ‘American Dream’ and it shouldn’t be only for the 1%, it shouldn’t be to one day hope to become the 1%. The dream should be for us all, as Americans. 100% of us…


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