The Police Continue To…

I don’t understand why the police continue to protect the one percent. I don’t understand why the police line up in riot gear to fight the protesters who are fighting on their side. I don’t understand why the police don’t turn their weapons around and point them in the other direction.

Habit. Routine. The way it’s done. Doing the job by the books. Following the orders of superiors. These guys? The ones who control the streets? What about the division in the force between those who serve justice and fight corruption and those who fight justice and serve corruption. The one percent pays them shit.

There will always be protesters who look upon the police as the enemy, and vice versa, but more people need to come to the other side. The police are doing their job for their paycheck. The protestors are camping out in protest of the lousy paychecks that everyone receives. The illusion that we need to be fighting each other is the most crushing illusion of them all.

The question remains. Are the police truly of the one percent? They answer that question each time that they fight the ninety-nine percent. They solidify that answer every time that they come out in numbers to oppose the freedom of assembly. They are provoked, and they provoke. Are they just doing their job, or is this their ultimate calling?

The lines are so deeply drawn it seems unbelievable to even consider that they may one day shift. But that shift starts with the belief in the possibility of change. The change starts with the realization that we each have free will at any moment to eradicate routine, habit, tradition, and to ignite the change that will one day be. One conversation will get quashed. And then another. But if the discussion continues to spread, and the people continue to move, will they come out in riot gear against their families, their neighbors, their friends?

The police could be an organization that serves and protects the ninety-nine percent instead of the one percent. They could be an organization rooted in justice instead of racism and brutality. They could defend the constitution that purports to protect our rights instead of defending the powerful few who continue to abuse it.

When the police realize that we are on their side, we win. The Russian Revolution happened when the army turned their guns around and pointed them at the czar. Impossible? Maybe. Improbable? Definitely. Unthinkable? Strip down the uniforms and exchange the creed.

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